Doctor Who Adventures first appeared in 2005, launched on the back of the amazing success of the revived TV series the previous year. I joined the magazine for the first issue as Senior Designer, eventually becoming Art Editor, Senior Art Editor, Deputy Editor and Acting Editor. During my seven years on the magazine, I worked across every aspect of its creation, and I'm enormously proud to have been part of the most successful children's magazine launch in a generation, reaching an peak sale of 204,000 copies and eventually moving to a weekly frequency for an incredible five years.
These stunning split-run covers, designed by me with retouching by Lee Binding, were published to coincide with the highest-rated episode of the modern series – Voyage of the Damned, which featured guest star Kylie Minogue. 
Doctor Who Adventures was filled with facts, fun, scares and adventure every single week – no mean feat, when the TV series was only on air for 14 weeks a year
We were very lucky to be allowed to develop our own, unique style guide, based on the master style guide for the brand.
We had to be inventive in mixing on-set photography with CGI images, concept art and screen grabs to put the reader at the centre of the Doctor's world.
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