Oh My Vlog! was a one-off special to test demand for a magazine based on YouTubers like Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Sprinkle of Glitter and Joe Sugg. I was asked to create a design for slightly older teen readers that was more sophisticated than We Love Pop. The magazine caused a sensation on publication day, as every single person on Twitter over the age of 30 took up flaming torches and pitchforks to denounce it as the work of the devil (which was great news because we didn't want them reading it anyway). 

The title continues as a regular supplement with We Love Pop, and as a standalone magazine in Sweden. Det är bra! 
I was lucky enough to have some very dynamic and exciting pictures to create a memorable first cover – just as well, as it reached more than a million people on social media!
I created a style for the magazine based on watercolour backgrounds, floral patterns and pretty typography, with a more restrained, book-like feel than other titles in the teen market.
Chunky graphic borders with a 1990s feel, along with some fresh, energetic typography, completed the design.
I'm pretty sure Harry Beck, creator of the iconic London Tube map, would have been thrilled to see this homage.
I used a less garish and obvious colour palette than was usual for a teen magazine – beige is usually a big no-no, but it really worked here.
The picture frames on this page were shamelessly robbed from Instagram, but I've since seen similar ones in an old 1970s copy of Jackie magazine, proving that what goes around always comes around. 
The Swedish version of Oh My Vlog! This was designed by the team at Julia magazine based on my original style guide. It looks almost as good as the original!
A beauty spread from Swedish Oh My Vlog! They've used the same chunky borders and hand-drawn feel.
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