This one-off title was commissioned to capitalise on the popularity of an elite pack of slightly funny-looking animals who had risen to social media fame. The brief requested a fresh take on the traditional children's animal magazine – fluff, fur and paw prints were banned, in favour of a spiky, exciting and cool design.
The lively and packed cover had to sell the entire concept of the magazine, and the content readers could expect to find inside. This meant squeezing on five animal cover stars, plus three human celebs and their pets too! Incredibly, we were able to get them all 11 of them together in the studio for the shoot – what a day that was!*
*Not 100% true
Much of the design was based one one brilliant font – Mr Dog Dog, by children's book illustrators Hipopotam Studio. All the animal illustrations, decorative shapes and speech bubbles on this spread are from it – £14.99 well spent!
Pastel colours and baby pinks were out for this project – the palette was exclusively bright, bold and zingy.
We chose photographic backgrounds and quirky images inspired by popular internet memes over more traditional illustrated scenes and fluffy kittens.
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