"Hi Paul. Our client wants to do a 36-page Unicorns magazine, because they're really popular at the moment. There's no style guide so you'll have to do it all from scratch, and no assets so you'll have to find everything on Shutterstock. Oh, and they need it in two weeks. Fancy it?"
"No problem! PS - Unicorns aren't real."
This project went from concept to execution to delivery in around 14 days, but I hope you'd never be able to tell. I've got lots of launch experience and can create fully-formed design concepts that are right first time but look like they've been developed for much longer.
There is no specially commissioned artwork anywhere in the magazine – it was all adapted by me from stock images.
When trends collide, just keep calm and live like a unicorn.
Careful selection of fonts, colours and backgrounds is crucial in hitting the right target age. This title had to look younger than We Love Pop, but definitely not pre-school.
This page is based on a standard set of star sign icons, with the horn from poor old Capricorn nicked and used to turn all the others into unicorns.
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